Aida Moradi Ahani

Lost Cities

Lost Cities revolves around Mahya Ghavamian, a young Iranian woman who works for Wikileaks and finds herself in an intricate web of devious stratagems that involve the US government and military officials, the Syrian imam of a mosque in New York, and an American presidential candidate. In a recent poll led by an online bookstore surveying famous Iranian authors to choose their top ten best novels of the last decade, Lost Cities was a favorite fixture.

Siavash Saadlou, Minur Literatures

Mahya is an Iranian young girl, who has been adopted by a reformist Ayatollah after the revolutionary Islamic in 1979. After university graduated she was offered a job and a grant for studying in the U.S. She settled in New York, working with a company but after two years the company suspects Mahya for leak of some highly confidential information and fires her. she started to work for a A WikiLeaks agent. While on an assignment, Mahya meets the Imam of a Queens mosque -Sayyid Ahmad Nouri- to receive some information from him and to check its validity. Reading the Imam’s documents, Mahya finds out that an American guy, a security adviser, Steve Marno, has been involved in a sabotage in Syria. Mahya meets Steve. This connection soon changes to an amorous affair. Mahya, who never has experienced a long and constant relationship, now finds herself deeply in love with Steve in spite of all those things that divide their worlds.

Also Mahya learns much more about the Imam’s true mission in the US including a plan for killing Mahya, and then, why the Imam abandoned that plan.

The story is continued with clarifying the mysteries between Mahya, Steve and Nouri.