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Aida Moradi Ahani (b1983) is an Iranian author, translator, and critic. Her debut novel, titled Golfing on Gunpowder was published in 2013. She has also published another novel, Lost Cities (2018), both to wide critical acclaim. Her work in translated English has appeared in Tehran Noir (Akashic Noir Anthologies), MAYDAY Magazine, Scoundrel Time, and Asymptote. Within academia, Moradi Ahani has delivered lectures on contemporary Persian literature at Stanford University and University of California, Irvine. Moradi Ahani’s latest book, Other People’s Beds (2021), is a collection of essays. This one has already reached its seventh edition in 1 year. It’s first chapter has been published in English in Asymptote (2022).

She has started translating English to Farsi since 2017 The Boxcar Children (by Gertrude Chandler Warner) was her first and in 2018 she translated The Three Colours' Trilogy (by Geoff Andrews).

In 2017 she was residence at Willapa Bay Air (Washington, USA). Also in this year she was invited as a juror for Willapa Bay Air competition. She has been as a juror in some Iranian story prizes, Salamat, Arghavan too. In 2017 she became a member of the Iranian Society of Film Critics and Writers. A short movie, The Woman with a Necklace (2013) was based on a short story of her.